Data Science 210


(Summer 2019)

Project Gallery

Amazon reviews summarized to extract the most relevant customer opinions
An interactive application for journalists to explore large collections of emails to quickly find important stories.
Real-time Stress Detection
Help policymakers tackle negative effects of gentrification by simulating proposed policies and estimating future impacts.
Give Me a Sign is an American Sign Language learning tool that can recognize ASL gestures and tell users how well they are doing. Like a Duolingo for sign...
Road accident mortalities can be reduced by faster response times Incident reporting and location accuracy...
Make sense of the complicated political landscape that's shaping up for the 2020 election.
Neural Notes is an interactive 3D visualization app for music lovers to do self-directed song discovery with content-based recommendations using artificial...
OMR-Tool Logo
An interpretable, data-driven tool to help doctors determine patients' individual risk of misusing opioids in an effort to curb the opioid crisis in the U.S.
Outrage|Us provides an objective, target-specific measure of anger and hate speech on Twitter.
Neighborhood Dashboard
A simple and comprehensive tool for first-time Airbnb hosts to determine an revenue-optimized base price for their rental properties.
Confused by the wide array of choices online, and still not able to find the specific thing you need? Shop-'N-Sight is your personal shopping concierge that...
Snout Logo has a pig snout and the words "Snout" underneath
Snout harnesses the combination of computer vision and human intelligence to guide you in classifying & learning about mushrooms.
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Helping organizations detect toxicity in email communication
WildFire Risk Tool
WildFire Risk Assessment System
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An automated supervisory reporting platform for workforce tracking on construction sites