Info 290

Introduction to Management of Technology

3 units

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This course is not currently offered.

Course Description

Typically offered SPRING semester.

This is a Core Course of the MOT program and is not a required course for the MOT certificate.

This course is designed to give business and engineering students an overview of the main topics related to the management of technology, with a focus on innovation as it relates to products, processes, and business models. Why do so many new technology businesses fail, and why are so many successful businesses unable to recognize fundamental market transitions that can change the structure of an entire industry? The course covers the full spectrum of activities associated with technology businesses, from strategy and R&D through marketing and distribution. The format is highly interactive and includes readings, case studies, and guest speakers from inside and outside the MOT program.



Course History

Spring 2008

Instructor(s): Don Proctor

Spring 2007

Instructor(s): Henry Chesbrough

Spring 2006

Instructor(s): Henry Chesbrough

Spring 2005

Instructor(s): Henry Chesbrough

Spring 2004

Instructor(s): Henry Chesbrough

Spring 2003

Instructor(s): Thomas Nitsch

Spring 2002

Instructor(s): Robert Cole

Spring 2001

Instructor(s): Robert Cole

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January 10, 2017