Info 243

Document Engineering and Information Architecture

3 units

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Course Description

Three hours of lecture per week. This course introduces the discipline of Document Engineering: specifying, designing, and deploying electronic documents and information repositories that enable document-centric applications. These applications include web services, virtual enterprises, information supply chains, single-source publishing, and syndication.

Course topics include developing requirements, analyzing existing documents and information sources, conceptual modeling, identifying reusable components, modeling business processes and user interactions, applying patterns to make models more robust, representing models using XML schemas, and using XML models to implement and drive applications.

Document Engineering has much in common with the field of Information Architecture, but extends its scope beyond web site and web application design. It is complementary to User Interface Design and Development (IS 213), taking an "inside out" or "information driven" perspective on many of the same design issues addressed from the "outside in" by the latter.


202: <i>Information Organization and Retrieval or consent of instructor

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February 15, 2019