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MICS Capstone Project Fall 2022


Problem Statement

Smishing is a variation of phishing in which the attacker sends the intended receivers an alluring text message in an effort to persuade them to click a link, provide the attacker their personal information, or download harmful software to their smartphone. These malicious short-form messages (SFMs) could come by way of text/SMS, WhatsApp, Telegram, or one of the many other messaging apps that have become popular among the billions of mobile phone users around the world.

The FTC reported that smishing attacks (i.e., phishing attacks through text or other short-form messages) cost people in the United States over $130 million in 2021, and that is only what is reported. Tremendous progress has been made in the identification and quarantining of phishing messages from legitimate emails. Similar promise for categorization of short-form messages (SFMs) exists. Machine learning is ideally suited for identifying smishing messages as well as adapting to attackers’ tactics as they evolve.

Many businesses are already aware of the risks associated with opening links in emails. The same risk is posed for SFMs. The risks of clicking links in SFMs are less widely advertised. Users are significantly more likely to trust text messages or instant messages. Thus smishing—the practice of phishing for login passwords, banking information, and sensitive data—is frequently profitable for attackers. The cost of these attacks in 2020 was over $50 million in the US alone.

Why should these smishing attacks make their way to our phones without warning? What if they could be blocked, quarantined, or flagged before we even see the message?

Our Product: Intelligent Security for Short Messages

Restore confidence and assure your users of messaging safety with SmishStake. Our API is powered by machine learning to provide real-time classification of smishing attempts. We have developed a system that your business can be tap into, whether your company is a mobile carrier, a messaging service, or a business looking to integrate additional protections to your mobile endpoints.  We take a proactive stance against smishing fraud and show end users where they have been saved from targeted attacks. Minimize financial harm and PII exposure with SmishStake today.

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December 7, 2022