MICS Capstone Project Summer 2021


Team members:
Andrew Bayers
Bill Duttweiler
Claudia Ventresca

Cyberattacks are constant for security leaders and their teams, with many CISOs feel unprepared for the next cyberattack against the systems they are tasked to protect. IReXpert can help overlay and integrate with existing compliance frameworks such as ISO, NIST, and SANS, in addition to additional much needed controls for a successful incident management process. Whether an organization is dealing with a ransomware attack, supply chain incident or any other minor, medium or major cyber incident, we provide the blueprints and workflows. IReXpert ensures successful navigation of the intricacies of incident management while guiding you through appropriate controls and best practices, as well as helping organizations with pre-litigation requirements that you will inevitably face during a public data breach.

Last updated:

August 10, 2021