MIDS Capstone Project Fall 2019

HappyWalrus: A Computer Vision App that Helps Parents Identify and Mitigate Kitchen Hazards

In an instant and without leaving his/her home, a young child can fall from a chair, shock himself with an electrical outlet, or pull a pot of boiling water from a stovetop onto a sibling with life-altering — or potentially fatal — consequences.

HappyWalrus is an easy-to-use babyproofing app that employs artificial intelligence (AI) to highlight common kitchen hazards in user-provided images. It suggests measures that caregivers can employ to mitigate potential dangers, with the aim of reducing the rate of childhood injury in children ages 0-4 (currently ~1.4 million emergency department visits per year in the US).

Original image from (https://www.pexels.com/photo/chopping-boards-near-oven-under-hood-2062426/)
HappyWalrus highlights a stovetop and an oven as potential hazards


HappyWalrus capstone project demo

HappyWalrus capstone project demo

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April 8, 2020