Data Science 210


(Fall 2019)

Project Gallery

Man about to throw a punch in a stadium
Our Temporal Segmentation Network detects people throwing punches in security camera footage. Coming soon to a stadium, school, or demonstration near you...  
Compound Companion
Helping to deliver the right treatment to the right patient at the right time.
DeepHeart is an application that helps people identify and track their emotions. We use neural networks to classify emotions from speech and recommend readings...
FairAir shows environmental activists where air pollution is likely to be worst in a city and recommends where to deploy low-cost sensors to improve pollution...
Detecting Deepfakes to protect online trust
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HappyWalrus makes babyproofing your kitchen fast and easy!
Herbert is a semantic search engine providing trustworthy and easy-to-access insights to consumers curious about using herbal medicine.
 Take the volatility out of cyrpto currency investing.
capstone_image_0.png enables small nonprofits to quickly and easily conduct community opinion research on social issues relevant to their organizations' work .
Many roads lead to your destination, but what experience would you like to have?
Your next trip planned.
Quickly extract useful information from product review videos to help drive your product development decisions.
Vizziest takes the time, frustration, and guesswork out of finding actionable guidance for creating the data visualization that best meets the user’s...