Nach Mohan

Alumni (MIDS 2020)


Make step change towards high quality data driven decisions using advanced analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence


Data Science


As an Associate Director at AstraZeneca, I am currently leading the Clinical Data Category and this leadership position provides an opportunity to drive the technology strategy and take ownership of innovative solutions that contributes to successful delivery of clinical trials. Recently, I have been leading the development of a data visualization solution that supports the physicians and scientist in the organization to effectively and efficiently review and interpret large data sets. This initiative motivated me to further my knowledge in the data science field. 

Given that technology has revolutionized the way that data is collected through wearables, electronic health records (EHR) and e-Diary, the processing and presentation of data needs to adapt rapidly to keep up the pace. Being so passionate about technology, I am very eager to learn more about data science and prepare myself to be a leader in this exciting field. We have embarked on a IT transformational journey at my organization and some of key strategic areas that could accelerate transformation are automating manual process by more than 50% and build predictive models to effectively conduct clinical trials. I believe the MIDS program will take me closer to what I want to achieve as there is a great opportunity to bring in transformational solutions to stakeholders involved in delivering clinical development programs. 

Last updated:

December 3, 2023