Alumni (MIDS 2024)

Data Science Application in Software Development, Green Energy, and Finance.

Alumni (MIDS 2017)

To learn to leverage data science to elevate and empower quality automation and decision making in the enterprises of electronics, bio-sciences and information technology.

Alumni (MIDS 2020)

Using data to inform legislation and public policy decision making.

Alumni (MIDS 2018)

Alumni (MIDS 2019)

Data-driven Products

MIDS Student

Data Engineering and Data Science

Alumni (MIDS 2017)

Build my data science toolbox.

Current Interests: data visualizations that allow users to explore predicted outcomes and review prescribed actions based on those outcomes

Former Lecturer
Alumni (MIMS 2011)

Information Visualization, Data Visualization, Data Analytics; Information Service Systems & UX Design, specifically in the media industry; Open Government Data; Managing information-centric projects

Alumni (MIDS 2023)

AI/ML | Data Scientist | Mechanical Engineer | On the pursuit of Happiness and Renewable Energy

Alumni (MIMS 2017)

Software Engineering, Full-Stack Development, Data Engineering