Task force is studying the relationship between privacy policy and innovation in the Internet economy.
The iPhone application integrates public-transit route information and real-time arrival data. “Transporter” won the school's 2010 James R. Chen...
Satish Polisetti
Fellowship includes trip to China & India, studying entrepreneurship in emerging markets, and a summer internship with an international mobile...
Eric Kansa
Eric Kansa and Raymond Yee propose general principles for making the federal budget more intelligible and available to the public.
Congratulations to the School of Information's Class of 2010
Chen award winner Ljuba Miljkovic ("Transporter")
Awards for the best master's final projects, and for distinguished faculty teacher and mentor
The Law.Gov effort seeks to document the feasibility of creating a distributed registry and repository of all primary legal materials in the United...
Student project exposes households' water consumption and promotes conservation.
Rajesh Veeraraghavan
Mentored Research Award assists doctoral students in acquiring sophisticated research skills by working under faculty mentorship on their own pre-...
Stephanie Pakrul
Graduating MIMS student also runs a Drupal-based small business