Apr 4, 2024

MIMS Alum Prayag Narula Featured on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

From Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Food Delivery Apps: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

John Oliver discusses food delivery apps, how they are both helping and harming restaurants and workers, and why starting an orphanage definitely should not be your side hustle.

MIMS alum Prayag Narula appears around 16:03 discussing reputation systems and the human impact on delivery workers alongside Mary L. Gray.

“We’ll replace the tyranny of the boss with the tyranny of an algorithm, and that is much worse, I will tell you, as a computer scientist,” Narula says. 

Watch the clip.

Prayag Narula is a Master of Information Systems and Management alumnus (2012). He co-founded LeadGenius and the user research platform Marvin.

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May 10, 2024