Feb 23, 2022

MIMS Alum Prayag Narula Launches New Platform “Marvin”

From TechCrunch

LeadGenius co-founder gets back to user-centric design roots with Marvin

Christine Hall

Prayag Narula and his brother, Chirag Narula, aim to do for product and market research calls what Gong and Chorus.ai did for sales calls.

They created Marvin in 2020, a user research platform that helps companies better understand the needs of their customers. It stems, in part, from Prayag Narula’s background. He co-founded and ran marketing technology company LeadGenius for many years, guiding it to raise over $30 million in venture funding and grow to hundreds of employees...

“Marvin is in some ways me going back to my roots in user-centric design,” [Prayag Narula] said. “Sales teams talk to customers and want to make a sale, while customer success teams want to upsell. With product and design teams, their only agenda is how to make the customer’s life better with the product. It’s the purest form of user engagement, and we wanted to leverage that.”


Prayag Narula is a Master of Information Systems and Management alumnus (2012). He co-founded LeadGenius following his time at the I School.

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February 23, 2022