Info 296A

Data Science and Analytics: Thought Leaders

2-3 units

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This course is not currently offered.

Course Description

The seminar explores leading-edge trends in data science and analytics at Silicon Valley and tech firms. The speakers will include executives, entrepreneurs, and researchers from leading firms.

The topics covered will include (a subset of):

  • Data analytics and “Big Data”
  • Machine learning and scalability
  • Business analytics including online marketing and advertising, financial services and risk analytics, operational and service analytics
  • Information retrieval (search)
  • Information extraction
  • Social networks and social media
  • Healthcare analytics
  • Energy analytics

The seminar will cover the types of problems being addressed in data science and analytics, the component methods and technologies being developed, and fruitful areas for research and entrepreneurial efforts.

This requires attendance and participation in the seminar series and is open to the broader student and faculty community.

Last updated:

September 30, 2019