MICS Capstone Project Spring 2024

Voice Shield

The Problem Statement

In the modern digital ecosystem, the proliferation of sophisticated artificial intelligence technologies has led to the emergence of AI-generated voices that are increasingly indistinguishable from human speech. This technological leap presents a growing security challenge as malicious entities leverage these lifelike synthetic voices to perpetrate identity theft, execute social engineering attacks, and conduct financial fraud. The conventional voice authentication systems are rapidly becoming obsolete, as they lack the advanced capabilities required to differentiate between authentic human voices and their AI counterparts. This vulnerability exposes individuals and organizations to a heightened risk of deception, financial loss, and erosion of trust in voice-mediated communications. There is an urgent need for a solution that can accurately and reliably validate the authenticity of these voices, thus fortifying the defenses against this new wave of voice-based threats. Voice Shield is poised to address this critical security gap with its state-of-the-art voice authentication technology, ensuring the integrity of voice interactions across various platforms and applications.

Core Features

  • Authenticity At Its Core: We ensure that every voice interaction is verified, real, and secure. It is not just about recognizing who is speaking; it's about distinguishing between a the true human voice and the synthetic echoes of AI-generated imposters. Voice Shield provides this additional layer of security to our communications, ensuring that every voice it hears is evaluated for its authenticity, guarding against well forged digital deceptions.

  • Advanced Security, Simplified: Leveraging state-of-the-art AI/ML, VoiceShield provides robust security measures that are easy to integrate and use, ensuring that voice dependent operations are protected without compromising on user experience.

  • Seamless API Integration: Our flexible API seamlessly integrates with existing systems, or as a stand alone end point, offering a plug-and-play solution that enhances security without disrupting services or user interface.


  • Guardians of Finance: In the financial sector, where transactions are a daily routine, the risk of wire fraud is a constant threat. VoiceShield will become instrumental for Banks in detecting fraudulent calls with unparalleled accuracy. By integrating VoiceShield's AI-driven voice biometrics, we can aid in the fight to reduce wire fraud incidents, safeguarding clients' assets and reinforcing trust in banking services.

  • A Shield for the State: Government agencies are prime targets for impersonation and eavesdropping attempts, where secure communication is not just a requirement but a necessity. VoiceShield will stand out as a leader to enhance the security of its voice communications. The implementation of VoiceShield's technology will eIectively thwarted attempts at unauthorized access, ensuring that sensitive information remains confidential and accessible only to verified personnel.

  • Combatting Deep Fakes: In an era where deep fake technology can create convincing audio forgeries, distinguishing between real and fake has never been more critical. VoiceShield oIers a solution that transcends traditional security measures, providing a robust mechanism for verifying the authenticity of voice interactions across various sectors. tactics. This application of VoiceShield underscores its value as a tool for maintaining authenticity in the digital age.

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April 16, 2024