MICS Capstone Project Spring 2024

S.LAB | Home IDS


S.LAB envisions a future where everyone and their home devices are secure from cyberattacks.

With already weak and un-updated "smart" home devices growing ever weaker, hackers and criminals have had a field day exploiting home devices with little to no security, leveraging these entry-points to create "zombie" botnet machines, launch DDoS attacks, spy on innocent owners, and even springboard into further hacks against users' networks and homes. With millions of devices already compromised and an estimated doubling of Internet of Things devices by 2030, there is a pressing need for enhanced security and safety in these devices.

S.LAB solves this chronic problem: S.LAB is a plug-and-play Intrusion Detection System (IDS) designed with a focus on the everyday consumer, enabling knowledge of potential incidents and the ability to directly react to them in a comprehensible manner, all without the need to be trained in IT or cybersecurity. We put the users first, leveraging smart detection capabilities and timely alerts to help people take back ownership of their smart devices and network.


  • Detect: Monitor traffic passing through the network
  • Analyze: Compare and analyze traffic, filtering harmless and harmful
  • Notify: Inform owners via text or email about potential risks
  • React: Enable users to quickly and easily act on events

S.LAB acts as a watchdog on your network, directly connecting to your Internet source. By capturing and analyzing traffic moving through your home devices, S.LAB can intelligently make note of malicious or unusual behavior through its rules and algorithms, and alert device owners to potential threats -- without overwhelming or annoying them.

S.LAB aims to continue to grow its intelligence, using more advanced rules, a wider knowledge-base, and machine learning abilities in the future to serve as a plug-and-play, "one-and-done" solution: solving the Internet of Things home security problem once and for all.

Last updated:

April 16, 2024