MICS Capstone Project Spring 2023


Team members:
Andrew Crane

Stratus was created to address complexity and encourage the use of least privilege principles in order to create a more secure cloud environment. Specifically, Stratus is a workflow service that enables employees and their managers to actively manage user permissions, for a specific amount of time,  while ensuring that they adhere to least privilege principles. Without replacing a company user directory or the cloud permissioning system stratus is capable of:

  • Granting employees task based privilege escalation for defined periods of time.
  • Providing permission templates based on least privilege principles that can be immediately applied.
  • Providing a simple approval and auditing workflow for managers and employees to get the permissions they need, when they need them, for only as long as they need them  

In conclusion, we believe that with stratus we will create a more secure cloud experience for many businesses and that the simplicity of applying least privilege principles will reduce the risk of credential overprovisioning.

Stratus is very excited and proud to be funded by the University of California Berkeley Center for Long-Term Cyber Security. 


Last updated:

April 19, 2023