MICS Capstone Project Fall 2020

PII-XPunger: PII Discovery and Removal Tool

PII-XPunger was conceived to confront a cybersecurity vulnerability that is prevalent on such a mass scale that it affects practically every individual based in the US whose information can be found in public records. 

The culprit is a billion dollar industry that profits from collecting PII and making it available for easy fast access to just about anyone in the world, including cyber criminals and other malicious attackers.

That’s right, the next big cybersecurity breach undermining our fundamental human right, the right to privacy is continuously perpetuated by big business while billions of potential victims remain unaware and unprotected. 

PII [Personally Identifiable Information] obtained from public sources may seem innocuous enough to the average user, but it is pure gold in the hands of cybercriminals, leveraged to commit crimes such as cyberstalking, identity fraud, doxxing, phishing and others - endangering individuals, businesses and lives. 

While there are services that can help a concerned individual opt out from some of the data brokers compiling this information, they are not cheap.  And this is why we created PII-XPunger.

Not everyone can afford to pay for this protection. While everyone deserves to be protected.

PII-Xpunger is a two-pronged online solution that is designed to facilitate privacy awareness and exert control over your private information without having to rely on third-parties and associated costs.



PII-Xpunger: PII Discovery and Removal Tool

PII-Xpunger: PII Discovery and Removal Tool

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December 10, 2020