MIDS Capstone Project Summer 2018

ElectBot AI

Voters, especially millennials, do not vote in primaries and midterms. ElectBot AI is a chatbot that seeks to:

  • Chat with potential voters through SMS to ensure ElectBot AI is accessible to all people and to break through the noise.
  • Inform potential voters about candidates’ stances on issues that are important to them and provide crucial information on how to vote.
  • Remind potential voters to vote the day before an election.

Our pilot in Michigan:

  • We created a partnership with vote.org to get opt-in phone numbers of ~56,000 Michigan residents.
  • Our pilot was completed deployed the August 7th, Michigan primaries where we contacted real voters.
  • We are waiting on publicly available voting data to analyze our field experiment and determine if our bot improved voter turnout. 
  • We are considering scaling up for the midterms.

For more details and for a web demo of our product, please visit our website!

Last updated:

October 1, 2019