MIMS Final Project 2016

The Gadfly Project

Asking questions has inherent value. We want to increase and expand this value with an extensible automatic question generation service to allow interactions with texts that were previously unfeasible. Give our service any block of text and we will automatically return a set of related questions. 

Since we are developing an extensible service, the potential use cases are limitless. We decided to work in the area of news publications because there is an inherent discourse surrounding the public's consumption of news media. We think our automatic question generation service can provide value in helping readers understand the articles that they have read, and also perform various functions like comment moderation, quizzing, and trivia applications. 

At the foundation of our project is the Gadfly API which is currently powering our custom chat bots (QBot and TriviaBot) living in the I School Slack team, as well as a web interface. The general public can use our service at GadflyProject.com

Hipster Socrates aka Gadfly
Hipster Socrates aka Gadfly

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October 7, 2016