MIMS Final Project 2007

Lifester Blog


LifesterBlog is a personal blogging and social networking site. Users can share posts, photos, videos, music and books. In addition, they can design layouts of their blogs, connect with friends, and control privacy settings.

As photo/video sharing sites proliferate, it is very important to allow users to pull multimedia content from these sites in a user-friendly manner, but most of the current blogging services do not have this feature. In LifesterBlog, we adopt an open-access model, such that users can import content from Flickr, YouTube, Yahoo!, Amazon, Facebook, etc.

There is a growing trend for blogging services to allow users to personalize their blogs. In LifesterBlog, users can change layouts in a single click, and they can uniquely customize their blogs via different types of widgets.

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October 7, 2016