MIMS Final Project 2005


Sharing photos on a camera phone is unnecessarily tedious, complex, and expensive. PhotoRouter makes it fun and effortless. Instead of having to navigate through endless menus and buttons, PhotoRouter intelligently routes photos based on your previous sharing behavior. We designed a simple user interface for taking pictures and setting tags, rating, and privacy to describe a picture. These descriptors trigger a rule-based routing algorithm. For instance, if a baby photo has been sent to grandma, uncle Bob, and your blog, then PhotoRouter will ask if you want to create a AutoShare rule that sends future baby photos to these destinations automatically. If cost is a concern, PhotoRouter wait until it finds a Bluetooth or Internet connection to send it for free. PhotoRouter lets you share life experiences through your camera phone. You take a picture and tag it—PhotoRouter will take care of the rest.

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October 7, 2016