MIMS Final Project 2004

Zooke: The camera Phone Game

Zooke is a solution which attempts to help alleviate the problem of media asset management. By leveraging point of capture metadata available on mobile devices, as well as a community of networked users, Zooke provides a platform for users to annotate images. By distributing the annotation process among the community, the annotation burden is alleviated and lessened for each individual, thus making it more likely that each user will participate in the process and collectively more images will become annotated. Zooke uses game play as incentive and motivation for users to engage in this annotation process, yet allows the process and annotation goal itself to remain transparent to the user. The game, instead, presents a compelling way for users to creatively explore and share their own real-life worlds with a community of engaged individuals. By bringing the user's world into the game, we create a rich imagery-centric interaction exploring social actions of individuals and communities and also create a reusable repository of user-verified annotated images for future use and distribution by media management and retrieval applications (i.e. enhanced consumer photo sharing applications, eased management of media assets for media designers, improved search for image queries).

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October 7, 2016