Sarukkai Social Impact Award

The Sarukkai Social Impact Award, established by Sekhar and Rajashree Sarukkai, recognizes the School of Information master’s capstone or final projects with the greatest potential to solve important social problems and improve people’s lives in meaningful ways. Awards are given twice annually in May and December.

During their final semester, I School students in the MIMS, MIDS, 5th Year MIDS, and MICS programs undertake final or capstone projects that cement skills learned throughout their master’s degree program. Teams of students propose and select project ideas, conduct and communicate their work, receive and provide feedback, and deliver compelling final presentations.

Summer 2022

Open Zero Knowledge Integration: a zk-SNARK-based proof framework for developing privacy protecting components of a web application.


accesSOS is a nonprofit organization that provides emergency response services to those who cannot call 911. Because Text-to-911 services are not available...
Advisor: Coye Cheshire

Fall 2021

Methane Anomaly Detector (MAD) utilizes deep learning techniques to identify potential methane emission anomalies in California.


LTBR: Jyen, Sneha, Tiffany & Rachel as Defenders for the Public Good
The Public Defense Project is partnered with a local non-profit Secure Justice with the goal to...
Advisor: Niloufar Salehi