Isidora Rollán

Isidora Rollan

MIMS Student 2024


Product Management, Data Analytics, Sustainability


Data Science
Product Management


My name is Isidora Rollán Zegers, I am from Santiago de Chile.

I studied Commercial Engeneering (Business and Administration) at one of the top universities in Chile and after 5 years of studies I entered to work at McKinsey & Company as a Business Analyst.

I stayed on that role for 2 years, where I learned a lot and worked hard, and in 2018 I took a year off to travel around the world all by myself. This experience was very enriching for me because I was able to share with different kind of people with very different realities and was amazing.

In 2019 I entered Falabella Financiero and started to pursue a digital career. After learning a lot of the business, I've been working as Product Owner for the digital experience of opening a Bank Account and a credit Card for the last year with outstanding results.

Outside my job I am outdoor sports addict and enduro mountainbike is my main sport. I also love skiing and I am a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher.



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May 27, 2024