MIMS Final Projects: 2022

A big picture overview of the no code industry and help for founders in decision-making.
Advisor: Morten Hansen
accesSOS is a nonprofit organization that provides emergency response services to those who cannot call 911. Because Text-to-911 services are not available...
Advisor: Coye Cheshire
algorithm unwrapped
Algorithm Unwrapped is a set of machine learning education tools to help social media users make sense of their own algorithmic content feeds so they can...
Advisor: Niloufar Salehi
Project poster
We built a dashboard for ReThink Media, a local Berkeley nonprofit, to help them visualize gender representation through news articles in their various issue...
Advisor: David Bamman
MateriALL logo with caption "auto-generated classroom materials"
MateriALL is a tool that helps K-12th teachers automate the material creation process by taking existing content and generating additional, customizable...
Advisor: Kimiko Ryokai
memorology game
Memorology, a tangible memory user interface for patients with dementia. This will be a multiplayer game for dementia patients to slow down their memory loss...
Advisor: Kimiko Ryokai
Tensor Hero Logo
We aim to build a frontend for users to upload songs and visualize Guitar Hero charts researched on the context of the online community.
Ever wanted to play your favorite song on GuitarHero?
Advisor: David Bamman