Alumni (MIDS 2019)

Medical Imaging and High-Tech Manufacturing
Hello friend, my name is Taylor!

Alumni (Attendee)

Primarily interested in language technologies, interfaces, and new ways of sharing ideas!

Alumni (Attendee)

Expand my data analysis skill set so I can provide actionable insight into complex business problems.

Alumni (MIDS 2018)

Bring big data and machine learning techniques to microbial, fungal, and plant genomics.
Cameron Bell Profile Picture

Alumni (MIDS 2018)

Focused on big data architecture to give practical application to the mathematical theory learned previously in physics.

MIDS Student

Interested in data science applied to finance and healthcare
Cris Benge

Alumni (MIDS 2021)

Masters of Information and Data Science (MIDS)


Info visualization, Habermas and Critical Theory, systems analysis
Sebastian Benthall

Alumni (PhD 2018)

algorithmic game theory, collective intelligence, economics of data and computation, information ethics, innovation policy, methodology and...
Vaibhav Beohar

MIDS Student

Want to learn and apply advanced analytics techniques using ML and AI to solve problems across business domains

MIDS Student

I'm a software engineer interested in applying data science to information security

Alumni (MIDS 2020)

1) Getting the skills to handle large datasets and derive meaningful predictions (with focus on developing risk transfer products). 2) Be able to...

Alumni (MIMS 2018)

I am interested in reinforce my knowledge in the manipulation and technological advances on information analysis which I find particularly useful for...