Alumni (MIMS 2020)

Deep Learning, Cybersecurity, Product Management

AI & Quant trading, Deep learning in stock markets, IB & PE, Reinforcement Learning

Alumni (MIDS 2018)

Professional Interest: Data science in the Utility; Personal Interest: Machine learning and AI in all industries

Alumni (MIMS 2016)

Product Management; HCI; UX; Tech innovation strategies. My Big questions: How do our latest innovations affect our sense of value, responsibility to others and ethics?

Alumni (MIMS 2015)

Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Product Management, Consulting

Alumni (MIDS 2023)

MIDS student based out of Oakland, CA

Alumni (MIMS 2014)

User Experience and Design, Educational Gaming specifically for children with developmental disabilities

Student Affairs Coordinator

102 South Hall

Alumni (MIMS 2023)
PhD Student

Machine Learning, Digital Forensics, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence