Yangyang Yang

Yangyang Yang

PhD Student


design research in human-computer interaction (HCI), embodied interaction for informal learning, more-than-human design, mixed reality (MR) & augmented reality (AR)


User Experience Design & Research


Yangyang is a PhD student at the UC Berkeley School of Information, affiliated with the Berkeley Center for New Media. Her primary focus centers on design research in human-computer interaction, leveraging emerging technologies such as mixed reality and physical computing to create embodied learning experiences beyond the desktop. Her recent research endeavors have revolved around investigating the application of mixed reality in two critical areas: Post-anthropocentric design - examining how mixed reality as a design provocation can elicit individuals’ sensitivity towards more-than-human perspectives and challenge the anthropocentric functionalism stance; Postcolonial design - investigating how mixed reality co-creation can empower Indigenous youth, fostering culturally responsive STEM learning and promoting their rightful presence in the science museum. 


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Kimiko Ryokai
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