Maksym Kalinchenko

Maksym Kalinchenko

MICS Student


My top goal is to become an expert in defending computer networks and applications as well as being able to analyze modern world needs for cybersecurity.




I was born in Ukraine. I moved to US, After graduating from Alfred Nobel University (located in Ukraine) with bachelor's degree in International Economics and finance. The United States became a second home for me and provided lots of opportunities. I wanted to give back to the United States, so in 2019 I enlisted in the military to do my best defending and executing the national defense strategy objectives of my new home. I have taught myself programming (Python, SQL, JavaScript) for two years in my free time after work. Additionally, I have experimented with different sides of IT (web, databases, cloud computing, and Linux servers). I have made a couple of web applications and different utility scripts that you can find on my GitHub page

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May 25, 2024