Geoffrey Nunberg

Adjunct Professor


The theory, history and social role of "information."

Research areas


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Current Research

In my I School hat, I work on the theory, history, and cultural implications of information and information technologies. I co-teach two courses with Paul Duguid every spring: an undergraduate course on the History of Information and a graduate course on Concepts of Information. (I also taught a course a couple of years ago on the language of public discourse, which I'd love to do again some time.) In various other hats, I do research on natural-language semantics and pragmatics and the structure of written language, and do general-interest writing on language, culture, technology and other topics in various periodicals, as well as a regular feature on the NPR program "Fresh Air."

More about me and my books and publications at my all-purpose home page


BA, Columbia, 1971
MA, Penn 1972
PhD, CUNY 1978

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August 5, 2020