Gabriela May Lagunes

Alumni (MIDS 2022)


MIDS Student


Data Science
Project Management
Software Development


Gabriela is currently a software developer with a strong interest in data and its social impact. She believes it is possible to support institutions and companies to be more impactful, sustainable and profitable by making them truly data driven organisations. Originary from Mexico, she holds an undergraduate degree on Experimental Physics and a Masters in Engineering for International Development from University College London. She currently works for BBOXX, a London based, global company with the mission of unlocking human potential by bringing smart, clean and reliable energy to communities in developing countries without access to electricity. She is determined to use the skills and network developed at the UC  Berkeley School of Information to increase the reach of her work and to help even more people to improve their quality of life through responsible, smart and well engineered technology. 

Last updated:

April 16, 2024