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If you are considering applying to the I School, we encourage you to come experience our community first-hand. A campus visit can help you determine if the I School is the right fit for you.

For a more comprehensive tour of the Berkeley campus, you can also arrange UC Berkeley campus tours through Visitor Services.

Class Visits

Come experience an I School class for yourself. Classes open to prospective students during spring 2018 include:

Info 214. Needs and Usability Assessment
This course addresses concepts and methods of user experience research, from understanding and identifying needs, to evaluating concepts and designs, to assessing the usability of products and solutions. We emphasize methods of collecting and interpreting qualitative data about user activities, working both individually and in teams, and translating them into design decisions. Students gain hands-on practice with observation, interview, survey, focus groups, and expert review. Team activities and group work are required during class and for most assignments. Additional topics include research in enterprise, consulting, and startup organizations, lean/agile techniques, mobile research approaches, and strategies for communicating findings.

Info 234. Information Technology Economics, Strategy, and Policy
Application of economic tools and principles, including game theory, industrial organization, information economics, and behavioral economics, to analyze business strategies and public policy issues surrounding information technologies and IT industries. Topics include: economics of information; economics of information goods, services, and platforms; strategic pricing; strategic complements and substitutes; competition models; network industry structure and telecommunications regulation; search and the "long tail"; network cascades and social epidemics; network formation and network structure; peer production and crowdsourcing; interdependent security and privacy.

Info C265. Interface Aesthetics
This course will cover new interface metaphors beyond desktops (e.g., for mobile devices, computationally enhanced environments, tangible user interfaces) but will also cover visual design basics (e.g., color, layout, typography, iconography) so that we have systematic and critical understanding of aesthetically engaging interfaces. Students will get a hands-on learning experience on these topics through course projects, design critiques, and discussion, in addition to lectures and readings.

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Meetings with Current Students

Our students can provide the most personal insight into our programs and life at the I School. They look forward to talking with you!

To be connected with a current student, please email and we will help set up a meeting. Note that it may take up to two weeks to arrange a meeting for you. The best times to visit are during the school year, mid-September through the end of April.

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January 22, 2018