Brian Carver
Legal case relates to the intersection of copyright law, computer technology, and software package's EULA (end-user license agreement).
Rural farmers learn agricultural techniques at a farmer field school in Jimma, Ethiopia (photo: Sarah Van Wart)
Summer research in Ethiopia and Uganda aims to identify high-impact ways that information technology can improve African farmers' livelihoods.
The proposed Google Book Search settlement is about much more than copyright and fair-use issues, according to the I School's recent conference.
Assistant Professor Brian Carver
“Cyberlaw Cases” blog covers the top pending U.S. legal cases on network neutrality, privacy, copyright, trademark, and patent issues that impact the...
School of Information MIMS Class of 2011
The I School kicked off the 2009–10 academic year by welcoming 38 new master's students and three Ph.D. students to South Hall.
Eric Kansa
Eric Kansa to design information and dissemination services for a collaborative forum for heliophysics education and public outreach, with...
The I School MIMS class of 2010, as entering students in August 2008
Students from the master's class of 2010 are applying their skills and education this summer in fields like the automotive industry, health care...
Three Ph.D. students are studying the relationships between culture, class, and technology in China, Kenya, and Rwanda.
Bob Bell
Prestigious award will support Bell's research into the role of technology and entrepreneurship in development: in particular, how technical...
Leadership Program in Service Innovation participants, in South Hall
Business leaders and executives from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, visit Berkeley for academic classes, industry speakers, and company visits.