Sep 20, 2022

MICS Student Eduard Kotysh Discusses Blockchain Security

From BlockHash: Exploring the Blockchain

BlockHash Podcast EP. 272 - Eduard Kotysh | Founder of Solidified

By Brandon Zemp

This week on episode 272 of the podcast “BlockHash: Exploring the Blockchain,” we have a new episode with the Founder of Solidified.

Solidified is one of the largest communities of smart contract auditors and blockchain security experts. That expertise provides them the unique perspective to perform the most secure audits and deep research of up-and-coming crypto startups.

Eduard Kotysh is the Founder of security audit firm Solidified, which was established in 2016 as one of the longest-running blockchain security companies with over $30B in assets under audit.

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Eduard Kotysh is currently a student in the MICS program (’23). He also serves as a digital currency & blockchain practice advisor for the law firm Goodwin and board advisor for the company he founded, Solidified, and Oak Security.

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December 13, 2022