Jun 25, 2020

Steven Weber on the Coronavirus Pandemic and Society

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Steven Weber: How Do We Make Things Better?

In Conversation with Andrew Keen on the Keen On

The coronavirus pandemic is dramatically disrupting not only our daily lives but society itself. This show features conversations with some of the world’s leading thinkers and writers about the deeper economic, political, and technological consequences of the pandemic. It’s our new daily podcast trying to make longterm sense out of the chaos of today’s global crisis.

On today’s episode, Steven Weber, Berkeley [I School] professor, discusses how the most inventive healthcare providers are tackling a global set of challenges.

Andrew Keen: How do you escape your silos?

Steven Weber: I guess I just kind of followed my nose where I thought the interesting and timely problems were. Luckily, the academic world creates a little bit of a niche for people who want to do that. So I took advantage of what was my experience of academics is, which is the reverse. Everyone gets shunted into the horribly narrow silos and spends 30 years writing the same article...

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Steven Weber is the Associate Dean and Head of School for the School of Information, and Faculty Director for the Center for Long Term Cybersecurity.

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August 5, 2020