Apr 18, 2019

Jeffrey MacKie-Mason and Michael Buckland Help Northern Regional Library Facility Begin New Chapter

From Berkeley Library News

NRLF — the giant Library storage complex in Richmond — begins a new chapter

By Library Communications

NRLF, the giant storage complex in Richmond, is running out of space.

But not for much longer.

On Thursday, about 40 NRLF devotees — including architects and champions from UC Berkeley and across the University of California system — descended upon the facility to celebrate the ceremonial groundbreaking of the new addition to the sprawling complex...

The Northern Regional Library Facility, as it’s officially called, houses “the collective wisdom of generations,” UC Berkeley University Librarian Jeffrey MacKie-Mason said at the event...

“This is not a cold storage facility,” MacKie-Mason said. “This is active storage. We’re moving items every day from (NRLF and SRLF) to the 10 campuses.”


Jeffrey K. MacKie-Mason is the University Librarian and Chief Digital Scholarship Officer at UC Berkeley and a professor in the UC Berkeley School of Information and the Department of Economics.

Michael Buckland is a Professor Emeritus at the School of Information.

MacKie Mason was involved in the groundbreaking because the NRLF is managed by the University Library and Buckland was involved in establishing the NRLF in the 1980s when he was Assistant Vice President for Library Plans and Policies.

photo from NRLF groundbreaking
NRLF Phase 4 building site at a groundbreaking event on April 18, 2019. (Photos by Jami Smith for the UC Berkeley Library)

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