May 24, 2019

Anno Saxenian Among Expert Voices in Silicon Valley Antitrust Case Documentary

From The Mercury News

‘When Rules Don’t Apply’: Did Silicon Valley tech giants learn from no-poaching antitrust case?

By Levi Sumagaysay

The Justice Department once accused Silicon Valley tech giants of conspiring not to poach employees from one another, and eventually they agreed to pay more than $400 million to settle a class-action lawsuit related to those accusations. Now, as Silicon Valley grapples with antitrust talk and challenges to its dominance, a new documentary revisits the almost decade-old case — and its relevance to today... 

The film includes many different voices, such as that of AnnaLee Saxenian, dean at the School of Information at UC Berkeley.

The companies “had a moment of public embarrassment and shame,” she said, but “I wish I saw that it provided a deeper lesson...”


AnnaLee (Anno) Saxenian is Dean of the School of Information and she holds a joint faculty appointment in the School of Information and the Department of City and Regional Planning at UC Berkeley.

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September 27, 2019