commencement May 2018 group photo
May 9, 2018

Commencement Awards Honor 2018 Graduates

The School of Information’s May 2018 commencement ceremony presented an opportunity to honor both faculty and student achievements.

Dean AnnaLee Saxenian presented awards for outstanding capstone projects from the Master of Information & Data Science program and the Master of Information Management & Systems program.

Students in both the MIMS & MIDS programs voted for their most outstanding instructors and gave awards to their classmates.

James R. Chen Award for Outstanding MIMS Final Project, 2018

Track 1: User-Centered Design

Nihar Dalmia, Nisha Pathak, Karan Rao, Meghana Murthy Sibi Narayana, Malavika Srinivasan, Rachel Thorp
PetSetGo! is a mobile application that seeks to reduce rehoming rates of adopted animals by strengthening the bond between pets and their new owners.
Advisor: Steven Weber

Track 2: Data, Algorithms, and People

Improved Personalization in MOOCs to Enhance Student Learning
Sana Iqbal, Suchismita Padhy, Priyanka Patki, Nianthrini Vivekanandan
This project focused on ways to improve the user retention and user experience through increased adaptivity options, personalized recommendation and self-review check of the course material to make users more confident about their learnings in a course and to make the process of online learning more valuable to users.
Advisor: Zach Pardos

Hal R. Varian MIDS Capstone Award, Spring 2018

Scriboto: Converting clinical visit audio to EHR classified text
Jen Jen Chen, Timothy Hurt, Erika Lawrence, Yannie Lee
Scriboto listens to clinical conversations and writes it into an EHR note giving doctors more time to focus on their patients.

Faculty Awards

Distinguished Faculty Award (MIMS program): John Chuang

Distinguished Faculty Award (MIDS program): James Kunz

Student Awards

Student with the Most Spirit (MIMS): Edward Yip

Outstanding Teaching Assistant (MIMS): Yiyi Chen

Outstanding Teaching Assistant (MIDS): Maya Miller-Vedam

Dean Saxenian with Outstanding Teaching Assistant (MIDS) award-winner: Maya Miller-Vedam
Dean Saxenian with Outstanding Teaching Assistant (MIDS) award-winner: Maya Miller-Vedam
PetSetGo! team
PetSetGo! team: Karan, Nihar, Malavika, Rachel, Nisha, and Meghana
MOOCs team
Improved Personalization in MOOCs team: Suchismita, Priyanka, Sana, and Nianthrini
Scriboto Pipeline
Scriboto Pipeline
Team Scriboto: Timothy, JenJen, Yannie, and Erika

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