CLTC Seminar Series

Fighting Cybercrime with FortiGuard Labs

2024-02-06T11:10:00 - 2024-02-06T12:00:00
Tuesday, February 6, 2024
11:10 am - 12:00 pm

Derek Manky

CyberMētis Speaker Series

Cybercrime is a flourishing business, with many operators expanding into persistent cybercriminal enterprise. Deeply funded, the threat actors involved and their techniques, tactics and procedures (TTPs) are becoming ever more sophisticated. So much so that they are now operating as structured organizations with business units, affiliates and developers that are weaponizing zero-day attacks. These groups continue to add to their ecosystem and their playbooks using ransomware extortion models, and destructive techniques as they target operational technology.

This session will look at the modern threat landscape and the top threats that FortiGuard Labs tracks, observing how the modern cybercriminal enterprise operates. From there, we will take it to a global stage showcasing how we can fight back vs. cybercrime and work in partnership to move the needle. Existing efforts underway for disruption of cybercrime between private sector, law enforcement and industry will be presented.

This seminar series is open to UC Berkeley graduate and undergraduate students, researchers, and faculty members only. Light refreshments will be provided.

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Derek Manky is the chief security strategist & VP of global threat intelligence at Fortinet.

Manky leads FortiGuard Labs’ global threat intelligence team at Fortinet, bringing over 20 years of cybersecurity experience. He has established frameworks in the security industry including responsible vulnerability disclosure, which has exercised the responsible reporting of over 1000 zero-day vulnerabilities. Manky has been with the Cyber Threat Alliance since it was founded in May 2014. For more than 15 years he has been highly engaged with collaborative industry efforts including the CTA,, NATO NICP, MITRE CTID, INTERPOL Expert Group, and the World Economic Forum Partnership Against Cybercrime (PAC). His vision is applied to help shape the future of proactive cybersecurity, with the ultimate goal to make a positive impact towards the global war on cybercrime.

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