A Celebration of Mentorship at the I School

2023-06-22T17:00:00 - 2023-06-22T17:45:00
Thursday, June 22, 2023
5:00 pm - 5:45 pm PDT

We’re delighted to present our third annual Outstanding Mentor Awards and to celebrate the impact of mentorship at the I School! 

Join us to honor our award recipients and hear from a few current mentors on what mentorship has meant to them.

The I School mentorship programs support all of our professional degree programs as well as the Leadership Development Program for Gender Equity. During the last academic year, over 200 students and alumni volunteered their time to mentor incoming and early program students, ensuring a smooth transition to graduate school and additional support in their job or internship searches.

Thank you to all of our 2022–2023 mentors!


Congratulations, 2023 Outstanding Mentor Award Winners!

Natali Ojeda Meneses (LDP Mentor, MIDS student)

Alla Hale (MIDS Mentor, MIDS 2019)

Andy Huang (MIMS Mentor, MIMS 2016)

Aris Fotzkatzikis (5th Year MIDS Mentor & LDP Mentor, MIDS 2020)

Briana Mosley (LDP Mentor, Product Manager, Product Equity & Inclusion, Workday)

Carissa Yao (MIMS Mentor, MIMS 2021)

Dan Kent (5th Year MIDS Mentor, MIDS 2019)

Dheeraj Khandelwal (MIMS Mentor, MIMS 2021)

Gargi Thakur (LDP Mentor, Sys Reliability Management, Lifion by ADP)

Helen Li (MIMS Mentor, MIMS 2022)

Hope Yanling Yin (LDP Mentor, SVP, Head of Engineering Engagement)

Joy Zhao (LDP Mentor, AVP, Analytic Technology and High Performance Computing Practice, Nationwide)

Keshav Potluri (MIMS Mentor, MIMS 2017)

Kumar Narayanan (MIDS Mentor, MIDS 2022)

Lisa Kirch (MIDS Mentor, MIDS 2015)

Megan Pera (MIDS Mentor, MIDS 2017)

Meredith Hitchcock (MIMS Mentor, MIMS 2015)

Muthoni Richards (MICS mentor, Privacy Product Manager, Disney)

Nancy Hayes (MICS mentor, Principal, NKH Group)

Nicholas Dekutoski (MIMS Mentor, MIMS 2020)

Prabhat Tripathi (MIDS Mentor, MIDS 2020)

Priyanka Dasgupta (MIMS Mentor, MIMS 2022)

Qi Li (MIMS Mentor, MIMS 2015)

Rob Mann (MICS Mentor, Security, Google)

Robert Hosbach (MIDS Mentor, MIDS 2022)

Sara Cambridge (LDP Mentor, MIMS 2013)

Siddharth Singhal (MDS Mentor, MIDS 2018)

Stephen Andrzejewski (MICS Mentor, MICS 2020)

Surya Gutta (MIDS Mentor, MIDS 2021)

Tom McCarty (MICS Mentor, MICS 2021)

Yong Kim (MICS Mentor, MICS 2021)

Last updated: July 17, 2023