Data Science 210


(Fall 2023)

Project Gallery

A World For Every Child
A World for Every Child is focused on improving childhood cancer diagnosis rates for underserved children using machine learning.
AntibodyGPT is a generative AI model tailored for fast generation of diverse, human-like antibody sequences against specific antigens, aiming to accelerate the...
Process PDFs of scientific papers into structured data, Fast, with accurate results, easy to implement, and expandable and modular.
An ML software extension for aircraft providing contrail forecasting for faster decisions to re-route aircraft, reducing contrail effects on global warming.
Conversationally, an AI language tutor, bridges the gap between memorization and conversation, transitioning learners to natural exchanges.
CrowdStop.AI is a crowd monitoring system designed to alert authorities when crowd densities approach critical levels across a camera network.
Enterprise Code Generation is a framework focused on assisting software developers by fine-tuning code generation for proprietary codebases.
Unlock the power of NLP with the cutting-edge ESG mapper. Our mission is to revolutionize Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) ratings in investment...
Eye Robot Pro and Eye Robot Lite are iOS apps designed to help vocally guide visually impaired users to navigate indoor environments using just their iPhone. 
Handwriting for Hope is a platform designed in hopes of scaling handwriting analysis to enable early detection of Alzheimer's disease.
Welcome to HealthDiaryAI, a pioneering health tech platform poised to transform the landscape of chronic disease management. Our innovation focuses on...
HealthLensAI App
Revolutionizing glaucoma detection with cutting-edge AI: precise, fast, and non-invasive analysis of fundus images for better patient outcomes. Committed...
Automated HCC Coding and Medicare Risk Adjustment Prediction for Healthcare Cost Estimation
We generate up-to-date, high-resolution ground level estimates of nitrogen dioxide pollution for Louisiana using Deep Learning to address residents’ concerns...
Step into the realm of visual authenticity with Luminare – a groundbreaking service that not only reveals the complexities of deepfake manipulation but also...
MeetingGPT is committed to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of virtual meetings by providing a cutting-edge NLP solution. Our mission is to...
Mentony is a proof of concept for a mental health buffer chatbot. It focuses on Black American mental health and aims to provide culturally responsive...