Data Science 210


(Summer 2022)

Project Gallery

Type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease that eliminates the ability to produce insulin, requires diabetics to both estimate treatment dosage and self-administer...
ChargedUp provides electric vehicle drivers with availability forecasts of charging stations so they know the best times and locations for charging.
CropEconomics empowers farmers to utilize data when deciding which crops are best suited in their region to maximize profits.
Cyrano aims to improve couples' communication through more empathetic dialogue.
Empowered A&R seeks to bridge the gap between the independent recording artist and the Major Labels. Record labels' A&R teams are becoming more data...
The equitable surveillance team presents an integrated platform which provides a summary of video/audio data from an observed incident.
GardenGuru provides you with plant recommendations based on a picture of the soil you plan to start with.
Detecting distracted and drowsy driving.
Ipylot ( is a vision-based in-car driver assistance system that is designed to improve driving effectiveness, initially focused on providing real-...
The Life Event Book Recommender is a novel categorization methodology to recommend fiction books for young adults based on their life experiences.
MakeSense Logo
MakeSense aims to help emerging content creators on Twitch using analytics to expand their presence on the platform.
How can measuring teacher grading rigor help inform administrators and provide actionable insights about teachers’ and students’ performance in public...
We leverage deep learning to solve the inverse design problem, predicting laser parameters to fabricate metamaterials w/ desired emissivity.
Empowering active fund managers to generate alpha through data science.
Image by: Jo Hilton
MyVoice is an American Sign Language (ASL) translation model that can automatically generate captions for short paragraphs.
A language model that takes in text and is able to detect and replace bias with language that is more neutral in point of view.  
PageWise is an AI-powered document manager to automatically organize and organize your files. It aims to improve productivity and enhance file governance for...
A platform that helps users navigate their mental health journey and enhance their self-reflection by analyzing their journal entries.
Perfect Store Execution wants to help retailers by applying the latest image recognition technology to support them in improving store execution.
A solution for restaurants to improve the detection of dining events, prioritize wait staff actions, and enable effortless service management.