MIDS Capstone Project Summer 2022

Empowered AR

Background of Music Artists & Repertoire (A&R)

Music A&R is the division of a record label or music publishing company that is responsible for talent scouting and overseeing the artistic development (e.g. recording, marketing, promotions) of active artists and songwriters.

Historically A&R executives have heavily depended on their taste, gut feeling and experience to discover new talent. Starting in the late 2010s, the Music A&R industry became more data driven in order to: 

  • Help A&R scouts to make the right bets
  • Minimize revenue loss
  • Manage the massive volume of records and artists (~40k tracks are uploaded to Spotify alone each day)

In order to keep their competitive advantage, record labels are extremely careful about how much they publicize regarding the data mining and predictive modeling methods they are utilizing. This has transformed the relationship between record labels, artists, and managers. Up-and-coming artists now face new challenges of understanding how each label is evaluating their potential and spending more time packaging their entire portfolio/social media presence.

Our Mission

To empower independent artists to access their own performance data, providing a democratized open source platform to consolidate and synthesize key metrics music labels evaluate as part of their A&R process.


Our product enables artists to access a dashboard which synthesizes key AR metrics from spotify and twitter in a way that they could share it directly with a label. Artists are able to get a birds eye view that allows them to compare metrics like chart data,  song plays, twitter mentions and sentiment, and our custom built Rank Virality Index to their peers in their same genre.

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August 2, 2022