Data Science 210


(Spring 2023)

Project Gallery

32iQ Logo
A computer vision + analytics platform bringing intelligence to dental diagnosis
Increase BART ridership through accurate ridership predictions for riders and administrators
Carbon Chaser Logo
This research utilized temporal fusion transformer (TFT) to improve the upscale forecast of carbon sequestration via vegetation.
CarbonTrack is a user-friendly data platform to analyze GPP data globally, aiding researchers and policy makers in measuring and analyzing environmental CO2...
Through vision transformers and cell painting images, we aim to accelerate highly challenging therapeutic target discovery in novel drug discovery.
Want to know the best time to charge your electric vehicle so that you are actually using clean energy and not just burning more gas? Use CleanCAst to...
curie.AI logo
curie.AI is a platform for liver ultrasounds. We help medical sonographers detect liver diseases.
Democratizing US Healthcare: Price Transparency
How much variance in healthcare pricing is explainable through social and macro-economic factors? We use quantile regression to uncover the price of healthcare...
Egaleco is focused on fairness evaluations affecting machine learning models in the healthcare sector.
A story of a small energy gas company to an energy giant & a wall street darling to a bankruptcy
Providing both visual and calculated running route safety information to arm runners with the knowledge necessary to remain safe while running outside.
To mitigate the biases in machine learning models, we created a model that generates synthetic training data. Our approach advances the state-of-the-art...
Fake News Bears - Teaser Image
Fake News Bears is focused on educating social media users about their impact on the spread of disinformation on Twitter through an...
FightChanceAI is a platform powered by AI that assists healthcare providers understand their patients’ medical history and recommend promising...
Our project aims to develop a comprehensive financial reporting solution using NLP algorithms to generate concise summaries of 10-K reports for institutional...
Our capstone project examines the relationship between PM2.5 and the incidence of youth mental health diagnoses from 2000 to 2016 in California.
Current flood risk market lacks concise and explainable information. We have developed a tool FloodRAT (Flood Risk Assessment Tool) to provide actionable...
The birth weight of an infant may come as a surprise at the end of a pregnancy. The birth weight is an important factor in the health of the mother and the...