Data Science 210


(Spring 2021)

Project Gallery

Camp fire in Paradise, CA (2018)
As wildfires increase in prevalence and intensity, decision makers need tools to help plan for evacuations. Our product serves this need.
Section 404 of the Clean Water Act federally regulates the discharge of fill or dredged material into the Waters of the United States. We use supervised...
Cognitive Tracker has the power to do for dementia what home blood-pressure-monitors have done for vascular diseases.
EssAI helps high school and college students systematically develop their writing skills through deliberate practice. 
The Face Mask Compliance team detects face masks from videos to generate a compliance metric for businesses and schools to report and analyze.
FitMonkey is a real-time exercise detection and tracking tool that brings an immersive fitness tracking experience to anaerobic exercises.
Chatbot to help bridge the information gap between MIDS applicants and the admissions team.
Creating a marketplace to link US small businesses with potential customers using NLP and product categorization.
Medicrop aims to help overcome the lack of local plant disease expertise by making immediate diagnosis available through image recognition. Using a combination...
AI for Clean Water Act.
A large-scale, longitudinal analysis of the impact of GDPR on consumer data privacy rights, powered by state-of-the-art NLP models.
Project BlueTarp uses supervised ML to evaluate the extent to which Puerto Rico received an equitable allocation of aid in the wake of Hurricane Maria.
Research better representation of remote sensing images using contrastive pre-training with data from multiple sensors Logo
Our solution will make marine transportation safer, reduce insurance costs, and save lives.
"ShortText" is focused on the problem of reducing manual and human text summarization for high velocity content marketing for marketing teams globally. Using...
Self-Supervised Irrigation Detection in Satellite Imagery
Smart Turntable adds mobility to home devices by enabling them to turn towards user's voice.
Team StockSense is focused on providing more accessible data-driven tools for surging popularity of momentum trading among retail investors, who make up...
TowerScout detecting cooling towers
Automated cooling tower detection through machine learning for Legionnaires’ disease outbreak response and prevention