Data Science 210


(Spring 2019)

Project Gallery

Optimize your trip and maximize happiness for all!
CodeAssist leverages NLP techniques with supervised and unsupervised ML to streamline medical billing for practitioners while alleviating administrative load…
CritterCounter identifies the large mammals in North American camera trap images and maps their range.
Affordable detection of Diabetic Retinopathy using AI, any place and any time.
Communication assistant for people with Dysarthric speech
Lysten provides a system for students and professors to have an interactive conversation throughout the semester, even when a physical meeting space isn't an…
A clinical calculator to predict chances of patient responding to treatment and disease relapse probability for Multiple Myeloma patients. 
Police departments have lately been struggling with a diminishing number of resources and a growing number of complaints of police discriminative behaviour.…
Our interactive geospatial visual tool analyzes factors contributing to distributed residential solar panel adoption.
Providing equity portfolio managers differentiated insights of the market via clustering of stocks and predicting stock performance
Predicting mechanical failure by applying machine learning techniques to cell-phone captured accelerometer data
In times of crisis, rumors can spread like wild-fire on twitter. We are here to show you what is real and what isn't.
Sound-based fall detection using AI.