MIDS Capstone Project Spring 2019

E-Waste Management

Electronics have become a huge part of everyday life in America and across the world.  As we produce and consume more electronics, it has become part of our rhythm that many of the electronics stop working or become obsolete. What happens to these objects when we are done with them?

A large portion of the improperly disposed e-waste is generated by individual consumers who are unaware of the proper disposal methods. But hopefully, we can help! Our web application assists users in understanding what is and isn't e-waste and how it should be disposed of. Our users can upload images to be processed by our object detection and image classification model which will identify any e-waste. Our application then provides the proper disposal type for that item and directs the user to the nearest location. 

Our users can then see the impact they've made themselves and the impact their community has made collectively via integrated and interactive Tableau dashboards. All are encouraged to share both these visualizations and our site on social media to help inform others about proper e-waste management.

Last updated:

October 1, 2019