A Novel Travel App
MIDS Capstone Project Spring 2019

Adventure Time

Adventure Time:

Is a tool that can help plan your next road trip. We leveraged a publicly available dataset of businesses in the US, with location and (preferably) rating information. Using that, we could calculate an optimized itinerary, based on what the user input about the length of the road trip and ratings of various categories of attractions, which could then be displayed to the user in map and written form

It helps you plan a road trip between two US cities, for up to four people with varied interests. It also balances the interests of the group and takes into account the amount of driving you want to do each day. The tool presents you a proposed route with a list of interesting and fun attractions and provides the options to customize based on your interests. Once you finalize the route, it displays a final itinerary with suggestions for restaurants and accommodation along the way.

Enjoy your next road trip with Adventure Time

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October 1, 2019