Info 290T

Biosensory Computing

(Fall 2023)

Project Gallery

Tree showing pareidolia
Using biofeedback to measure 'attention' given to anthropomorphized stimuli.
A multi-media installation utilizing TouchDesigner and projection mapping to abstractly visualize the biological experience of how different parts of the brain...
Classifying Actions from EEG Signals
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Exploring VR's impact on gaming: Roblox's transition from flat screens to VR, investigating physiological and psychological responses.
The study delves into how daytime physiological and psychological factors, based on the extensive MMASH dataset, affect sleep quality, highlighting sleep's...
This project studies the impact of music written in diverse languages on individuals’ EEG patterns when they perform tasks that demand concentration.
Power Spectral Density % of Actual and Imagined Right vs. Left Hand Movement of the average across all trials.
Investigate EEG data to provide evidence for the potential control of a 3D avatar/vehicle with brain signals and imagined movements.
Unlock the power of biometrics for your run! Our project transforms heart rate and other bio signals from wearables into personalized music recommendations,...