Info 296A

Studies in Regional Growth and Development

2-4 units

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Course Description

Scholars from a variety of disciplines have discovered--or rediscovered--regions as a unit for analyzing economic life. This has led to a flourishing of interdisciplinary work on the causes and dynamics of regional growth and development, as well as new approaches to economic development policy. The seminar compares theoretical approaches to regional economies that have emerged in the past decade, including those from economics, economic sociology, management, and economic geography. This year the course will focus on the emergence of information technology industries in formerly peripheral regions in the global economy-- from India and Ireland to Israel, Taiwan, and China. Because the course is a reading seminar, we will rely heavily on the quality of student preparation and participation. Students will be expected to help lead class discussions and to write either two analytical essays or a longer research paper for the course.

This course is cross-listed with CP 227.


CP220 (or equivalent) and the instructor's permission

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January 10, 2017